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The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas is committed to an equitable experience for all who interface with the Y. We will ensure that all who encounter the Y can see and feel our stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The YMCA of the Virginia Peninsula’s commitment to becoming a multicultural, anti-racist organization includes three key action phases of individual, interpersonal, and organizational strategies. This strategy is not linear but rather a continuous cycle of learning, re-evaluation, and advancement. Working towards advancing equity is a collective effort that requires change at each phase. There is no equity without action.

Conversations and Listening

HOW: The YMCA will create forums for listening within our YMCAs and throughout our communities and facilitate opportunities for continuing conversations. 

Staff/Volunteer Training and Education

HOW: Develop staff and volunteer training opportunities to support diversity, inclusion, and the Y’s commitment to being an anti-racist organization.

YMCA Messaging

HOW: Communicate the Y’s social responsibility in intentional ways to support the YMCA’s anti-racist commitment and diversity and inclusion efforts.

Diversity Reflective of our Community

HOW: Re-frame the perception of what it means to serve the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsula as an employee and volunteer by focusing on expanding the Y’s community footprint through inclusive programming and resources.

Community Partnerships

HOW: Prioritize advocacy and inclusion efforts through presence and communication with area agencies and organizations.