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Welcome to the YMCA of the Virginia Peninsulas Child Watch and Youth Watch programs. We want your child's time with us to be a fun and safe experience. In order to maintain our safety standards and ensure program quality, we would appreciate your support of our guidelines and policies.

Child Watch and Youth Watch are only available as part of a One Adult Family or Family membership. Parents and guardians may leave their children with the Child Watch/Youth Watch program but they must remain on the premises.

We allow children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.

As part of our check-in procedures, we will verify parent/guardian location within our facilities and an appropriate contact phone number in case of emergencies.

Child Watch and Youth Watch are available at different times/days of the week at our various locations. Please check our website for the specific operations hours at your center. 

Members may utilize Child Watch/Youth Watch for up to 2 hours per day. This could be 2 hours simultaneously or 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.

Each parent must sign in their own child. Required information to check-in/out include:

  • Membership card
  • Emergency contact number
  • Parent's location on YMCA premises (i.e. Wellness Center, gym, racquetball courts, etc.)
  • Any known allergies of the child

Reminder: Parent/guardian must stay at the Y while their child(ren) are in Child Watch/Youth Watch.

A different parent can pick up if they are on the same YMCA account.

We prefer parents signing their own children in and out of Child Watch/Youth Watch. If you would like to bring another member's child you must have a signed note that includes the parent's membership I.D. number explaining the situation or be on the pick-up list.

  • Pacifiers must always be on a clip and labeled with the child's name for sanitation reasons
  • Please do not send children with bottles or snacks
  • Please do not send children with toys

We strive to make every accommodation possible for children with special needs. Please contact your Y's Child Care Director in advance of your child's first visit if you would like to discuss your child's specific needs. We do not administer medications of any kind in Child Watch/Youth Watch.

Make sure children have a full tummy before drop off.

Diapers should be clean when dropped off. For sanitation purposes, our staff does not change diapers or assist in bathroom procedures. Parents/guardians will be notified if their child is wet or has a BM to come change their child.

Due to allergies, please do not bring any products with peanuts or tree nuts.

If your child is in the process of toilet training or frequently has accidents please let our staff know so we can remind your child to go to the restroom.

Your child's safety is our #1 priority. In the event of a building evacuation, the Y staff will assist caregivers in taking the children out of assigned emergency exits. During evacuations, parents will not be allowed to check children out until attendance has been checked. Evacuation signs are posted in the Child Watch/Youth Watch rooms.

Our staff are First Aid and CPR certified in the event that an emergency occurs while your child is in our care.

Effective discipline helps children feel secure while developing self-awareness and effective boundaries. Our staff have been trained in basic child development skills and discipline techniques. They have been taught to use redirection and positive reinforcement while working with your child. Our staff model positive behaviors such as caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility in order to teach these behaviors to children. Staff communicate clear definitions of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and set reasonable limits.

  • Time out is used when a child's behavior endangers themselves or others
  • If your child continues to pose a danger to themselves or others then further counseling between leadership staff and parents will become necessary and a series of suspensions of services may be put into place
  • The YMCA reserves the right to dismiss any child whose behavior is consistently disruptive or interferes with program delivery and the best interest of all children within our care

Our program has a 10-minute crying rule. Our staff are accustomed to comforting children and reengaging them with fun games and activities, however, if they are still inconsolable after 10 minutes, the parent/guardian will be asked to return for the child.

We follow these guidelines in accordance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A child may not participate in Child Watch/Youth Watch if any of the following symptoms have existed within the past 24 hours:

  • Fever, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Any symptoms of mumps or chickenpox, including an unexplained rash
  • Common cold onset (through one week)
  • Sore throat, croup, coughing
  • Any skin infection
  • Yellow or green nasal discharge
  • Pink eye
  • Lice