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Military member holding his kid.

Military Outreach Initiative

To qualify for this program, military members/families must meet the eligibility criteria to receive 6-month membership: Deployed Guard/Reserve, Relocated Spouse, Independent Duty Personnel, Warrior Transition Unit for more details.

military family on front porch

Military Discounts

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the men and women for their dedication and service to our country.

Military personnel (active duty E1-E5) and veterans are eligible for a special discounted membership rate, as detailed below. Additionally, the join fees will be waived, saving you up to $100.

Visit your local YMCA to sign up today.

Military Membership Rates

Adult (E1-E5)

Veteran smiling

Monthly Dues: $48

Adult +1 (E1-E5)

Military wife and husband

Monthly Dues: $56

Family (E1-E5)

Military family

Monthly Dues: $61

One Adult Family (E1-E5)

Military mom hugging kids

Monthly Dues: $53

Young Adult (E1-E5)

Women in military uniform

Monthly Dues: $39

Young Adult +1 (E1-E5)

Smiling military women

Monthly Dues: $50