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In a return to our roots to where our Victory at Yorktown Race began eight years ago when the event was originally presented as a fun, family event that’s affordable for all, this year we’re scaling back to a shorter, 1-mile distance with lower fees and adding a whimsical element of fun in the ‘Big Baby Bolt!’  The event will still be staged at the beautiful waterfront of historic Yorktown, with post-event fun, including our Family Fun Zone and other fun activities.

BIG BABY BOLT is optional but is a fun opportunity to enhance your race participation.

  • Your company, organization, or group (including family) may elect to run as a group (optional only). 
  • Groups can be made up of two to six members. 
  • One adult member of each group will dress as a "big baby" to be pushed in a "stroller" by other group members. 
  • Your group's "stroller" may be anything on wheels in which your "big baby" may be pushed through the race course by other team members (consider wagons, wheeled cribs, etc.; please build for safety).

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April 6, 2024
9 a.m.-12 p.m.
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$5 entry fee
Fun Run/Walk

Join us for our 1-mile Fun Run/Walk along the beautiful Yorktown Battlefields.

Add the T-shirt

Want to commemorate your participation in the Victory at Yorktown Race? Add a T-shirt to your $5 race registration. 

Are you a Nonprofit?

Register to become a booth sponsor at the Victory at Yorktown Race. Registration is free, but please complete the registration process. 

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